Personal Info

I live in Valencia, Spain. I studied computer science but I don't consider myself a "purely" technical engineer in computing in the literal sense. I also write code, but I'm not an expert, in fact it is difficult to categorise me because I complement Computer Science with a Master's degree in Arts and it doesn't fit very well in technical profiles in companies looking for classic computer engineers.

I am a vocational teacher. During the last fifteen years I have taught in different settings, private lessons and group of people that need updating to enter the labor market. Also private companies and the University . The best experiences have come from my courses to older people who want to learn (senior University). All this experience and different groups allows me to adapt better, be practical and improve teaching quality.

I like evaluate, experiment and use software such as blogs, CMS (like Joomla!), e-learning systems and free software. This knowledge is used as a powerful tool to communicate better, especially in the teaching arena. At this point in time I write and create digital contents making complex concepts easier using multimedia and software resources. My profile is probably closer to a creative one, something "crazy", closer to publishing and teaching in classroom and online scenarios.

If there is something I don't like it's inertia, or resistance to change. Perhaps that's the reason I move from one company to another every five or six years. I love new ideas and progress. Sometimes the mobility (talking about jobs) is seen as a personal failure and having a steady job, or a job for life is more sought after. From my point of view, the lack of mobility it's not the best way to be efficient. I don't want to sound dogmatic but perhaps I haven't found the right team yet. Only one curious thing about me, I'm ambidextrous, it's really fun to watch my students when I change the chalk from one hand to another on the blackboard.

P.D.: To be honest, I can write in English in order to be understood, but I've used here the Google translator to communicate better.

(updated 10/2015)